The Junebug Photography Custom Portrait Experience

Prepping your family for pictures can be a CHORE!

Prepping your family for pictures after you just birthed an entire human…. I’m already exhausted just thinking about it!

At Junebug Photography, I strive to offer my clients a professional, luxurious and fully personalized service by providing you with everything you need and preparing you every step of the way! So that your only job is to simply show up and enjoy the experience!

It is my mission to give you the one-on-one attention and treatment you deserve!

Mother with son at a Beach Maternity Session at junebug photography studio in manhattan, ks

“When I met Nikita I knew had found the right photographer. During the consult she listened, asked questions, laughed and chit-chatted about every day life with having small kids. It set her apart from other photographers I had talked to, they made me feel like I was just another number and not a friend like Nikita did. And for that I knew Junebug was the right place.” - Kaitlin, Savannah

I want the images you choose to display in your home to be beautiful enough
to withstand the lengths of time!

When you become a part of the Junebug Photography Family, thus begins the journey to discover what makes you special, what you and your family love about each other, and what evokes the most sincere emotions from you.

To start the full service process, we begin with a phone call after your initial inquiry. This phone call is key in my process to make sure that we are a good fit for each other and that our personalities mesh well.

Because the last thing I want is for you to not feel comfortable around me
as this typically will not yield the final image results we both envisioned.

After we have chatted on the phone a bit, we will go into scheduling your consultation. Consultations are done in-person no less than one week before your desired session date. This allows me time to get any specific things needed for your session that I may not already have, as well as time to plan and design the smaller details of your session.

Your consultation is also when you will pay the remaining balance of your creative fee to officially book your session.

*For maternity and newborn mamas, I always suggest scheduling your consultation for when you are in your second trimester.

At our consultation, we will begin by chatting about your family life, decorating tastes and how you plan to display your portraits.

After designing your session together, we select the perfect location, clothing, and style to tell your story.

For sessions where mom will be included in the images, I also provides complimentary professional hair and makeup as well as access to my studio wardrobe!

I know that moms are always last to take care of themselves, so offering this little bit of pampering not only gives you a second to just breath and relax, but it also helps you to look and feel your best for the session!

mother loving on newborn son at junebug photography studio in manhattan, kansas

“Because this was our first ever professional photo session, I didn't know what to expect, so there was this fear of the unknown prior to hiring. The friendly consultation and your down-to-earth personality helped put any doubts aside. Being able to see the studios and sample work helped put my mind at ease as well. The mini mommy makeover prior to the shoot was such a relief to not have to worry about making yourself over during a time when your most exhausted.” - Sharmi, Savannah

I want you to love the images you are in, and not be worried about how you look.  

As a mom myself, I know how critical we can be of ourselves sometimes.

When you look at your beautiful images, I want the critical thoughts of yourself to be the LAST thing on your mind! Or better yet, not on your mind at all! 

Once your consultation is complete, that’s when the behind the scenes work begins!

  • Planning out shot lists and interaction prompts based on your family’s dynamic

  • Purchasing any props or other items needed for your session

  • Discussing hair and makeup options with my hair and makeup artist based on your location and wardrobe choices

On the day of your session, I double check my shoot bag to make sure I have all of my extra goodies stocked up, like: snacks, water, child bribes, safety pins, bobby pins, etc.

Once your session starts, its go time! This is where I put all the planning and prepping into action!

You will laugh, and joke, and smile, and connect to create beautiful imagery of your family.

After your wonderful session has been completed, we will schedule your in-person reveal and ordering appointment.

At this appointment, we will go through your images together to narrow them down to your favorites. It is also where you will be paying for you artwork, so I suggest bringing the card that gives you the most points, haha!

*For these reasons, I do recommend that all decision making parties be present.

As we go through your images, we will make changes to crop and orientation, switch from color to black and white, discuss cosmetic edits and the like.

husband and pregnant wife kissing at junebug photography studio in manhattan, kansas

“I can’t recommend Junebug Photography enough. Nikita did our maternity and newborn photos and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! I had a few ideas for pictures and she far exceeded my expectations. We now have beautiful, forever keepsakes of those precious memories. It’s very apparent that Nikita has a passion for what she does and we are so grateful for our amazing artwork.” - Kate, South Korea

Our goal is to work together to produce a final image you love and can’t wait to show off!

Once you have viewed your beautiful images and selected which ones you will be enjoying at home as artwork, I will send them off to a professional re-toucher for post processing!

Once your fully edited images are back, I will do my final inspection on them and then place your artwork order.

When your artwork arrives, I will do a thorough quality control check on them, and then contact you to schedule a delivery.

On your delivery day, I will hand deliver your stunning heirloom wall art and/or legacy albums directly to your home!

I will even assist in hanging your beautiful artwork if you so choose!  

My primary concern is your happiness and peace of mind knowing that I have captured your family's memories perfectly!

My goal is to leave you feeling the same sense of love in your portraits that you feel every time you look at your kids and spouse in those extraordinary moments!

newborn baby boy in blue at junebug photography studio in manhattan, ks

“Nikita is amazing! So happy with all the photos she took of my son! She really made it hard to choose which ones to keep. You get what you pay for and her photos are worth every penny! I knew my little one would only be so small for so long, and she got amazing shots that I will cherish forever.” - Andrea, South Korea

I can only hope that every client feels that their experience with the Junebug Team has been effortless and lighthearted.
Schedule your consult today so we can start planning your perfect session!



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