Hi! I’m Nikita!

I am the owner and lead photographer here at Junebug Photography Studio!

Junebug Photography was born with my first son.

After I had him, I wanted to document every moment of his life so that I could always look back on it.

This desire turned into a genuine love of photography, as well as an internal NEED to provide other moms with the ability to look back at their brand new babies too!

Because every mom deserves to have more than just selfies with their littles, I decided to specialize in Motherhood Photography.

This specialization has been the most fun of all!

I could snuggle and love on new babies for the rest of my life!
And mommies proving how strong and capable our bodies are will always light a fire in my soul!


“You will make an amazing friend in the process, from the consult to taking pictures and the ordering session. [She] will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.”
- Kaitlin, Savannah


I am a state licensed and insured, maternity, birth & newborn photography studio located in Manhattan, KS.

I am a proud Certified Professional Photographer through Professional Photographers of America as well as a proud member of Kansas Professional Photographers Association and the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.

But enough about my credentials! Let me tell you a little bit about me, personally!

Some facts about me:


My favorite colors are pink and orange.

I have an un-natural obsession with Tinker bell and Baby Groot!

I sometimes go overboard using exclamation points, so please don’t think I am yelling at you! I just get SUPER excited about life! Haha!

I could live on mashed potatoes, ice cream, and coffee (well, creamer 😂).

I am quite possibly the world’s worst housewife as I hate to clean, and I hate putting away my laundry even more.


Fresno, California

Carlinville, Illinois

Rolla, Missouri

Brownwood, Texas

Linden, North Carolina

Savannah, Georgia

Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Will soon be calling Manhattan, Kansas home for the next few years

I am a #boymom to two very loud and active boys, seen above, ages 9 and 5. We also have one angel baby.
These boys keep me on my toes for sure!!
My youngest is a tiny hurricane who steals the heart of everyone he comes in contact with.
My oldest has a super sweet heart and would play Minecraft or Fortnite all day if I let him.


I was induced with both pregnancies

My first induction:
was in a civilian hospital in Illinois
I was 38 weeks
I had an epidural
and it took 3 DAYS before my little one arrived

My second induction:
was in a military hospital in North Carolina
I was 41 weeks and 5 days
I did it without any pain meds
and it took 2.5 HOURS from start to baby in arms

Neither of which were the births I wanted by any means, however, they both provided me with two healthy baby boys.


My husband & I are High School Sweethearts <3

He is a helicopter mechanic in the Army

We have been married since 2009

He is my best friend and partner in crime, and I am so thankful for the family and life we have built together.

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