Hi! I’m Nikita!

I am the owner and lead photographer here at Junebug Photography Studio.

I am a state licensed and insured, full service photography studio located in Camp Humphreys, Republic of Korea.

I am a proud Certified Professional Photographer through Professional Photographers of America as well as a proud member of Georgia Professional Photographers Association and the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.

But enough about my credentials! Let me tell you a little bit about me, personally!


My favorite colors are pink and orange.

I have an un-natural obsession with Tinker bell and Baby Groot!

I sometimes go overboard using exclamation points, so please don’t think I am yelling at you! Haha!

I could live on mashed potatoes, ice cream, and coffee (well, creamer 😂).

I am quite possibly the world’s worst housewife as I hate to clean and I hate putting away my laundry even more.

Places I’ve called home:

Fresno, California

Carlinville, Illinois

Rolla, Missouri

Brownwood, Texas

Linden, North Carolina

Savannah, Georgia

currently Pyeongtaek, South Korea for the next 6-8 months

I am a momma to two very loud and active boys, seen above, ages 8 and 4, and one angel baby.
These boys keep me on my toes for sure!!
My youngest is a tiny hurricane who steals the heart of everyone he comes in contact with.
My oldest has a super sweet heart and would play Minecraft or Fortnite all day if I let him.


My husband & I are High School Sweethearts <3

He is a helicopter mechanic in the Army

We have been married since 2009

He is my best friend and partner in crime, and I am so thankful for the family and life we have built together.

Junebug Photography was born with my first son.

After I had him, I wanted to document every moment of his life so that I could always look back on it.
This desire turned into a genuine love of photography.
Through it all, my amazing husband has given me courage and support to turn this love into a career.

I started my photography journey in Fayetteville, NC and had great success there!
As is the military life, we received orders to move every few years, but I could not be more excited to continue my business in such gorgeous and different locations!!
I have loved every minute of owning and operating this business!

Taking the steps to specializing in Motherhood Photography has been the most fun of all!

I could snuggle and love on new babies for the rest of my life!

I specialize in maternity, birth, & newborn photography,
but also enjoy photographing older babies, children and families.

Ready to learn more??


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