7 things your photographer wants you to know

I have been at this owning my own business thing going on 7 years now. Through those years, I have learned a lot of things about myself, about working with friends and family and other moms, and about owning a business in general. Here is my top 7 list of the best things I have learned so far

  • Just because we are friends, doesn’t mean you have to hire me

    *GASP* WHAAAT!?!? Yea, I said it. While I love you and I would love for you to hire me for all of your important moments, I know that’s not always a possibility. People have different styles, and budgets, and working relationships.

    And just because we are friends doesn’t mean I am the right photographer for you. I want you to pick someone that fits your needs <3

  • Even if you don’t hire me, there are still ways you can help support me

    These days, people are all about social media. I try to post on my Facebook business page at least once a day to keep people interested and stay relevant on their newsfeed. BUT, Facebook algorithms are constantly changing and making it harder and harder for me to be seen, even by people who already like my page!

    SHARE MY POSTS. Comment. Tag a friend. Seriously, anything that is interaction.

    Otherwise my page will cease to exist, and I won’t get new clients, and I’ll have to shut down my business, and I’ll be sad forever and ever. You see where I’m going with this?

  • Mama, you are BEAUTIFUL

    The beginning of motherhood passes in 3 stages:
    1.) My belly is so big, I feel like a beached whale
    2.) I’m a hot sweaty mess from all this labor I just did
    3.) I have officially turned into a mom-bie due to lack of sleep

    And my response every single time I hear a mom say any of these things is this: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

    Know this about yourself, and know that this is what I see through my lens as well.

  • I am not easily offended, nor do I get grossed out very often

    I am a mom of boys. It takes a lot to truly gross me out anymore.

    If you need to scream ever foul four letter word you know to get through those super intense contractions, do it! I know that “ring of fire” is no joke, so you do what you gotta do to get that baby out!

    If your newborn projectile poops and it hits the floor so hard that it ricochets to the wall, don’t worry. She wasn’t the first. And she most definitely won’t be the last!

  • All kids are CRAZY

    You think you have the only toddler in the history of forever who loves the word “no” and only works (sometimes) for snacks? Please.

    ALL kids are crazy in their own special kind of way. Even my two boys being brothers have their each individual kind of crazy.

    Most importantly, please don’t stress about this at your session. You don’t need to worry about them being “bad”. And fussing at them usually only leads to more of their antics which, if I’m being totally honest, never works out well for anyone.

    Let them be kids, let me work my magic, and I promise you I will create images that truly capture their spirit and reminds you why you love them so much!

  • I still get butterflies
    Its true! Before every session, I still get nervous. I worry that you won’t like the vision I have created for you, or that my camera will fail, or that any number of other horrible things running through my head will come to fruition.

    To be honest, I hope this feeling never goes away! Why? Because if I were to reach a place where I no longer worry about every little thing pertaining to the session, that would mean that I no longer have my heart in everything I create. And that would be a sad day.

  • This is my job

    Yes I love what I do, and spending time with tiny new babies and pregnant mamas makes my heart happy.

    But this is not a hobby. I don’t just snap a button and hand over the image. This is my job.

    Not only do I spend time and money taking photos and editing, I also spend time and money working on my craft and growing my business.

    I am constantly learning new techniques by attending workshops and conferences. Buying new props so that no everyone’s images look the same. I manage my studio, my workspace, my books, and my employees. I study and learn about marketing trends and product quality. And all of this is part of the job.

    While photography will forever be my passion, the success of this business is my livelihood.