fun ways to display your portraits

When it comes to displaying your beautiful family, I always say


Doesn’t that 30x40 in the Wall Display Guide just POP?!?

And while I would LOVE for everyone to have a 30x40 portrait of their family front and center for all to enjoy, I also know that that’s not always possible for everyone based on each family’s available space.

So how can you use the space you have to create eye catching artwork displays?

I asked a few of my clients who have purchased wall art from their sessions to send me pictures of how they proudly display their artwork in their own homes.

Some of them stuck with the designs we created together at their ordering appointment. (Side note: yes I have the ability to do this for you too!) And others decided to do their own thing, which is totally allowed because it is after all their home and not mine.

Either way, the important thing is that they have the art ON THEIR WALLS instead of on a flash drive in a desk somewhere where the images will never see the light of day….

So here’s some ideas for what you could do with your own images!



One option is to create a collage wall covered in all the things you love about life, including your family! Whether its “beach life” or Jesus, the key is making it your own so that the whole wall sparks joy when you look at it! The collage wall seen below uses framed 5x7 images, but you could easily use larger artwork or mix and match sizes as well.



Let your images stand alone as the main attraction on your wall! Triptych displays are my favorite for this type of display. I love that you can use different shapes and sizes to either showcase all the images equally, or have a center focal point with two complimenting images on either side.


Triptych collections are also great because they can be designed in any size and can be hung basically anywhere. The most common places for placement are over the couch, down a hallway, or in the dining room.



Just because you purchased WALL art, doesn’t mean you actually have to hang it on the wall, right?!

Some homes, for instance, have concrete walls so you might even be unable to hang stuff on them.

You can still enjoy your wall art, even if you have to find other ways to display it. For example, you can set it on a dresser or bookshelf. This is great for places like baby’s room!

And just because it’s going on a dresser or bookshelf, doesn’t mean it has to be a small 8x10 print either. This family on the right chose a 20x20 to sit on their dresser! And I love the way it really pops with the other decor and momentos they have around it!

Whether you use these designs exactly or use them to spark your on creativity, I hope it helps give you at least a starting point for decorating your own home!

Want a wall art displayed designed from your own session?? Ask me how at your consultation!