make the most of your 2nd trimester

Congratulations! You’ve made it out of the dreaded first trimester! Hopefully your energy is starting to bounce back and the morning sickness is leveling off.

For most moms, this is the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. Your hair is fuller, your skin gets that “pregnancy glow”, you aren’t near as tired as you were in the beginning, and you finally see a baby belly instead of a food baby belly!

Take advantage of this time while you can!

My best advice is to do all the things during your second trimester. Why? Because while your baby belly will still look cute, it won’t feel cute once you hit your third trimester. Fatigue will be back, as will more frequent bathroom breaks, braxton hicks contractions, and several other “third tri fun”. Haha!

Here’s some things you can and should do during your second trimester to make the most of it!



You, like most, have probably waited until your first trimester was over to share your amazing news. Well guess what! You can now SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS! Its officially time to start celebrating your pregnancy and telling anyone and everyone your exciting news!


Its time to show off that bump! I know you are probably still trying to use a hair tie or belly band because you are in denial about needing maternity jeans. Let it go, honey! I promise you, you will not regret making the switch! You can thank me later 😘


The beginning of your second trimester you may start to feel flutters in your belly. No, its not gas. That’s your baby! He or she is finally big enough that you can feel the tiny little acrobatics being performed inside your womb. As you go through your second trimester, these flutters will get stronger and stronger. Enjoy it! This is 100% the part I miss the most about being pregnant. Its the most amazing, indescribable feeling ever.

Also, once you start feeling baby move from the outside as well, let your partner feel! This is a great way to help your partner feel like an actual part of this pregnancy before baby arrives!


No seriously. NOW is the time to do all the baby things you have been putting off. Decorate the nursery, set up your registry, sign up for those prenatal yoga classes, research doulas if you haven’t already.

Do it now. Because come your third trimester, you may find you don’t even want to get off the couch.



Now hear me out. You have more energy. You belly isn’t so big that it “gets in the way” yet. You look and feel more beautiful than ever (thank you pregnancy hormones). And bonus: you’re already pregnant! This is the perfect time for you and your partner to have some nice romantic time. Especially since there will be none of that for at least 6 weeks after you deliver. Get it while you can now!


Whether you want maternity, birth, newborn or all 3, your second trimester is the best time for booking your desired photographer. This allows you to get on their schedule far enough ahead that you can guarantee they will have availability for you! This also gives you plenty of time to save for the investment before baby arrives. My mommy clients typically book when they are 13-18 weeks along.


Got some great new cleavage goin’ on? Flaunt it! Love your new and improved voluminous locks? Invest in a new hairstyle! Build in time to relax and live in the moment. Most importantly, enjoy and savor every aspect of your growing bump. And be sure to include and share with your partner whenever possible! This is, after all, a journey you are on together!

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