childhood, unplugged

I recently read an article that said children should be outside for anywhere from 4-6 hours PER DAY.

That may seem like a lot, but I wholeheartedly agree with it. My kids are SO much better behaved when they have the ability to burn all of their energy outside! They also get to explore and be creative and use their imaginations. Something that TV and video games don’t allow them to do.

Living here in Korea, outside time has been at an all time low for us, mostly because the air quality is absolutely horrendous. I know once we get back to the states, my boys are going to be overjoyed with being able to play in the yard and with neighbor kids! That is probably the one thing I am looking forward to most when we move back.

But I digress. When it comes to photographing children, letting them be them is one of my absolute favorite things to do.


While mom and dad are contemplating their life choices of whether or not they should have booked this session in the first place, I like to tell them to relax.

Let the kids be.

Let them be who they are. After all, that’s what I’m here to document. Who they are RIGHT NOW, at this stage in their lives.

If they aren’t at an age to sit and smile, that’s fine. Let them run around. Let them be crazy. Let me chase them across a field as they laugh and twirl and fall down. I will get it all.


The innocence. The wonder. The excitement. The ability to see every day as a new adventure and the desire to explore and share it with you!

Let them enjoy this life you have created for them. Let them be KIDS.

And even more so, choose to play WITH them.

Let your silly side come out! Run around, have tickle fights, and throw the leaves.


Childhood is such a short chapter in our lives in the grand scheme of things. And too often, children want to wish it away so that they can “be big and do fun things”. All the while, we spend the rest of our lives wishing we could go back to the good old days when the hardest thing we had to do was homework.

Because as adults we know all too well, that childhood goes way too fast.

So help them enjoy it while it lasts.