6 things every pregnant woman should do

Sometimes I really miss being pregnant. You can get away with a LOT when you are expecting! And then just blame it on the baby! Haha!

Here’s my list of the top 6 things I think every pregnant woman should do before baby arrives!

1. Wear a bikini in public

I don’t care if its winter and you have to go to an indoor pool to do it, FLAUNT THAT BELLY! Show it off with pride! You are growing a freaking HUMAN after all!! Be proud of your super power to create people!


2. Go on a babymoon

This one should probably be done during your second trimester or early third. That’s because some airlines, and doctors, have travel restrictions the further along you get. Plan a big trip or a small one, but either way spend some quality relationship building time with your spouse before things get crazy with a new baby. A strong relationship with your spouse is one of the most valuable things you can give your children later in life.

3. Eat a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting

You are eating for two after all, right?! Indulge a little while you can! And as always, if anyone says anything (side note: don’t be that guy), just blame it on the baby!

4. Get a prenatal massage

I am a strong advocate for regularly scheduled massages in general. But when you throw in the every changing aches and pains of pregnancy, girl get that rub down! Find someone who specializes, or at least has decent knowledge of, pregnancy massage because depending on how far along you are certain pressure points can trigger labor! Its also a good idea to look for someone with a pregnancy massage table, which is different from a regular table because it has a nice little hole in the middle for your belly!

5. Mess with unwitting strangers

You ever get tired of people touching your belly or having to answer the same questions over and over? I know I did! Instead of just accepting this as “pregnancy norm”, fight back! Not literally of course, but feel free to have fun with your responses!

Someone asks when you are due: “What?? Oh, I’m not pregnant!”

Unwanted belly rubs: rub their belly back

And the ever popular “Look at how big your belly is!”: You have my permission to throat punch these people. They deserve it.

Relish in their responses with pride, and hope that maybe they have learned their lesson and won’t continue to think that just because someone is pregnant means they can throw their filter out the window!

6. Get your belly painted or a henna tattoo

Whether you find a professional or decide to DIY, henna or painted bellies are beautiful! Plan it for your maternity photo session or just because, but either way make it your own! Make sure that whatever you choose is lead free, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!


Have your own fun ideas for things to do while pregnant?? Share ‘em in the comments!