limited edition sessions vs full custom session

A few times throughout the year, I offer limited edition sessions. These aren’t to be confused with mini sessions because they are far from mini. However, they also aren’t full length custom sessions either. Here’s the rundown of the difference between limited edition sessions and full custom sessions.

Glitter Mini COLLAGE.jpg

Limited Edition Sessions

Set Themes

Set location

Limited dates and times

length of session ranges from 30-60 minutes

Smaller gallery for image selection

Full Custom Sessions

100% customized to your vision

Planning & design consultation

You pick the location

You pick the date and time

length of session ranges from 60-90 minutes

Wardrobe changes possible


  • Professional Hair and makeup provided - this will forever be provided for my mommies because I think it is important that we look and feel our best

  • Artwork available - sometimes I will have specialty products available for the LE sessions, but the a la carte products are always available as well.

  • Photography style - my editing style will always remain the same no matter what the theme

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