3 reasons why you should have an unplugged birth


By now you’ve heard of an unplugged wedding.

“We thank you for coming to share our day, but please put your cell phones and cameras away”

Cute, right??

So why do brides choose to do this? Well from a photographer’s perspective, smart phones and ipads can be ridiculously obnoxious. These couples have paid someone a lot of money to document this day. No need for Aunt Karen to ruin it by getting her cell phone in a shot or blocking the photographer entirely because she thought getting her image with her 12 inch ipad was more important. Because honestly, who do you think is going to produce the better image: The photographer the couple hired? Or Aunt Karen and her ipad?

Brides want their guests to enjoy their special day with them. As they should!

And in my opinion, birth mamas should be putting out the same request! Here’s why!

1. Living IN the moment

This is going to be a very private and intimate day for you both. You are going to want your partner’s undivided attention. You are going to want your partner to listen to information that your nurse, doctor, or midwife gives to you both.

If you have visitors, you will want to visit with them.

If you just want to hold your partners hand, hold it.

Stare long and hard at that precious new creation. Memorize every tiny detail and let all the emotions flow.

You will never get this day back, and you will only meet your baby one time. Take it in.

It has taken you 9 long months to get here, so try and find some excitement in that.

2. No phones means YOU will be the one to announce your new baby

Quick access to social media has given a lot of people the feeling of entitlement that they are allowed to share news that is not theirs to share. I’ve seen it happen. It’s not fun to witness the aftermath.

While some moms might not mind, I find that most would rather share their big news themselves. And rightfully so! Welcoming a new baby into the world is kind of a big deal!

Bonus: if you decide to leave your phone untouched as well, Facebook won’t even know you’re in labor in the first place! And no one would be the wiser until YOU posts that baby has arrived!


3. birth photography ain’t easy

Ok, so this one is more about me than you, but hey!

Hospital rooms have a lot of things and not a lot of space. Once its go time, the hospital staff brings in even more things causing there to be even less space. This often leaves very little room for me to maneuver and move around to make sure I am getting the best angles to tell your story.

If I am limited in my movement even more so by your partner or other family members also trying to get pictures, there might be some moments you really wanted that I might not be able to get. And there are no do-overs….


Ultimately, the decision is yours.

This is your birth after all.

If you want all the cell phones out, or you want to live stream your birth, that’s totally your prerogative!

The important thing is that YOU are the one making this decision and not someone else making it for you.

Because your labor, delivery, and postpartum is definitely not about pleasing others.

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