let's be honest, i do it for the snuggles

I LOVE my job.

Not many people can say that. I know that because I have been that person. While I have always loved photography, initially I didn’t love running a business. It can be exhausting at times, especially if your heart isn’t in what you are photographing. It wasn’t until I decided to specialize in maternity, birth and newborn that I felt I had truly found my calling.

Newborns are where I spend a majority of my time, and I love every minute of it.

Here are my top three reasons why my job is better than your job:

Just kidding! Haha! Here are my top three reasons why I love being a newborn photographer:


3. I get to be creative

I have never done the same setup for a newborn session twice. Why? Because I pride myself on creating new and different sets for each client. No one wants their portraits to be the exact same as everyone else’s. That is not the way people are. Thinking outside the box and using my imagination is part of the fun. I am always thinking up new ways to mix up my sessions.

My favorite thing to do is incorporate family heirlooms that I have never used before. Being able to figure out how to make certain things flow with a baby really gets my creative juices flowing!

I also love trying to find new containers to put babies in. You should see the looks I get when I’m at a store buying a super cute container of some sort and the cashier is like:

“this is so cute! What are you going to do with it?”

“Oh, I’m gonna put a baby in it!”

*insert cashier’s extreme look of confusion here*

Never. Gets. Old. Hahaha!!

2. I love a challenge!

Who doesn’t love a good challenge?! Amiright?!? You might feel bad that your baby isn’t the one that sleeps through their whole session but I enjoy being kept on my toes! It would be too easy if all babies were the same! Having to work with all kinds of babies keeps my skill set up and allows me to provide my clients with a full gallery no matter what their baby decides to do! I’ve photographed 4 lbs preemies and 12 lbs chunkers - 4 day old babies and 6 week old babies. I have stood bent over with my camera for a good 15 minutes WAITING for a sleepy smile because I know its coming aaaany second now. Aaaaaaany second…….

I have also had my fair share of grumpy toddlers. Age 1.5-3 is quite literally THE worst for older siblings. Haha! That doesn’t mean I am not going to try my damnedest to get them to cooperate! Bribery, singing, silly faces and all! And you better believe I win 90% of the time!

“On our first trip to the studio, my two year old wanted nothing to do with having his picture taken let alone being there. You tried so hard to get his attention but after you saw it wasn't going to happen you instead offered for us to come back on a different day and get the photos. On our second trip, you got the best pictures ever of the two of them together and of our family. And you never got frustrated or annoyed.” - Kaitlin

Have I ever been defeated? Of course! But its a rare occurrence anymore! Being that I grow more experienced with each session, I have my tool-belt of tricks to coax baby into being a willing participant in sleep.


You see that face??

That’s toddler speak for “You try to take this train and I will cut you”

In addition to the babies themselves being a challenge, I am also constantly challenging myself to learn new things and improve my craft. I can see improvements in every session I do and it has come from hours and hours and HOURS of learning. As an entrepreneur especially, I never stop learning!


1. the snuggle is real, ya’ll

Do you even baby snuggle, bro?!? I 100% wasn’t lying when I said I do it for the snuggles. Baby snuggles are LIFE. Their smell is so intoxicating and they just curl into your arms like that’s where they are meant to be! I have a 4 and 8 yr old at home. In no way do they let me cuddle them like a newborn baby does. And I am most definitely not having any more of my own. So of course I miss it! I take every opportunity possible to cuddling your baby when you come in for your session. You might even have to fight me to get them back when I’m done.


I truly do love being a newborn photographer. I wouldn’t change my job for the world! I 100% believe THIS is what I was meant to do.

Oh! And just in case you were wondering! That little boy from above. I won ;)