top 10 registry items you actually need for your baby

With all the new and amazing things that are constantly coming out for a new baby, it can definitely be overwhelming when you are trying to decide which ones to put on your registry. You know that there are tons of options for all things baby, but how many of those things with you actually use once baby is here? Since several of the items on this list can come from many different stores, using sites like for your registry to put everything in one place can make it easier for those buying for you! Here is my list of 10 registry-must-haves:


1. a carseat

This one is obviously a given. These days, the hospital wont even let you leave without showing you have one AND that it is installed into your car properly. One way to make sure its installed correctly is by visiting your local fire department. Many fire fighters are trained in proper carseat install. As for infant vs convertible, choose the one that works best for you, or choose both! While the infant carriers are great for brand new babies, they don’t last long as far as weight limits go. Convertible carseats grow with baby however sometimes a new baby can be too small for a convertible seat in the beginning. Do you research and choose the seat best for you that also has great reviews and safety specs. If all else fails, ask for help. It never hurts to ask people you know who already have kids because chances are they have done research of their own and obviously have first hand experience.


2. diapers and wipes

Whether you are cloth diapering or disposable diapering, you better stock up! Babies go through an average of 8 or so diapers a DAY those first few months. That’s 240 diapers just for one month! And don’t even get me started on how many wipes you use over the course of the first 5 years! Registering for diapers and wipes is a sure fire way to guarantee you will have a nice little stock pile by the time baby arrives. Whether you are using cloth or disposable, I recommend asking for an array of sizes because you have no idea how long baby will be in each size. Also try to make sure you get gift receipts from everyone so that if you do end up with leftover unopened boxes for sizes you’ve outgrown that you have an easier time exchanging them for the size you actually need.

3. a baby carrier

Skip the stroller initially since babies are often most content held close and snug in the beginning. But which baby carrier to buy can be super overwhelming for a new mom! Do you choose a wrap, a ring sling, an ergo baby? And what the heck is a tula?! The best idea is to find a local Lending Library and try them all out! All babies are different and therefore will like different things. For example, my first son would only be carried in a Moby wrap, while my second son LOVED our ring sling and then our Tula once he got a little bigger! I recommend starting with a wrap or ring sling for a brand new baby, and then upgrading to something with more support for you as baby grows!

4. baby clothes

While I wouldn’t recommend going too crazy with registering for clothes, basic onesies and sleepers are definitely essentials and the typical go-to for every mom. Go for sleepers with zippers over buttons because no one likes fumbling with buttons at 2am. Most people are going to bring you clothes whether you register for them or not, so putting things you will actually use on your registry might help prevent Aunt Karen from buying the huge tutu she saw “that would look so cute on baby” but in reality just swallows her up!

5. a place to sleep

Most people assume that when you have a baby you need a crib. But that’s not your only option! Since babies wake so often in those beginning months, keeping baby close helps everyone get more sleep. Thankfully you have several options for that! You can choose from co-sleepers, bassinets, moses baskets, and several other safe sleeping options. For my first, I used a rock-and-play sleeper because he had such bad acid reflux that he required sitting up to sleep.


6. bibs and burp cloths

Babies spit up. It’s a fact of life. While bibs won’t necessarily be something you need right away, you can bet that burp cloths will! From my own personal experience, I don’t suggest buying the actual burp cloths because honestly… they suck. Pre-fold cloth diapers are THE BEST when it comes to spit rag alternatives. So are receiving blankets! Stock up on these items, and you’ll be good to go!

7. baby first aid kit

Thinking about your new little squish being sick is never fun, however its most likely inevitable. Be prepared ahead of time with things like gripe water, gas drops, baby tylenol, and a thermometer so that you aren’t having to run out to get these things last minute. Because it never seems to fail that a fever hits smack dab in the middle of the night when basically everything is closed. While not necessarily a first aid item, I would also add a nose aspirator, like the nose frida, to this list. You’ll end up needing it more times than you could ever imagine!

8. meal service

Ok, ok! So this might not be a NEED for new moms, but its definitely extremely helpful! Especially if you have other people in your family who like to eat. If your spouse doesn’t cook or works full time, chances are you will be eating things like cereal for dinner at first while you adjust to your new normal. If you are breastfeeding, you need to keep your nutrients up in order to maintain milk supply. You can sign up for professionally cooked meals at site like, or you can set up a meal train that your friends and family can sign up on to deliver home cooked meals on the designated day that they choose.


9. older baby essentials

Babies don’t keep. And neither do the things they need initially verses six months down the road. Adding things like a high chair, a jumparoo or a jogging stroller to your list help to make sure you are ready once baby is old enough to interact with the world around her. You can also add some fun things like sign language books and/or DVDs, and feeding bowls and spoons. Baby proofing items are also a good idea to add to your list. Things like a baby gate, cabinet latches and outlet covers are a good place to start!

10. maternity, birth and/or newborn photography

Another great non-traditional registry option is to register for photography services! I might be a bit biased, but this is definitely a must-have. A portrait of your new baby is so much more valuable then yet another outfit they might wear once or twice and will most definitely quickly outgrow. Click here to learn more about adding gift certificates to your registry! And on that note, I’d love to talk to you about booking a session for you – or for a loved one that you want to purchase a session for!

Found any must-haves of your own that you don’t see on this list?? Add them in the comments! I’d love to hear what your favorite baby products are!!