the full service experience | junebug photography studio

I want you to imagine you are planning a special night out. Not your normal night out, but a super fancy night that doesn’t happen often. Because this night is one that only happens a couple times a year, you don’t want to pick just any restaurant. You decide to pick an extra special place that you go to not only because the food is amazing but also because every time you go you have the best experience as well. Sure it costs a little more than your usual date night spot, but the service is always impeccable and you have yet to have a single complaint any of the times you have been there. Your glass is always full, the wait staff is spot on with their recommendations; going there is just easy. And any time you get the chance to recommend a restaurant to someone, this is the place you choose because you know they will have just as amazing of an experience.

Now imagine you are looking to buy a new car. You clearly have your choice of dealership as there are several to choose from around town. The last car you got was ok, but the service where you bought it wasn’t great. They just wanted to sell you the car and be done with you, on to the next person. This time you decide to choose a better dealership; a place where they have complimentary snacks and drinks in the waiting room, and they detail your car and fill the tank before you drive off the lot. Maybe their service department even vacuums and cleans the windows when you come in for a routine oil change and where every single person who works there is always so nice and smiling. This dealership actually cares about you as a person and doesn’t think of you as just another sale. They treat you like you are the only person there to buy a car and actually talk to you about what YOU want to get out of the car, your likes, your dislikes, and how they can help you select the perfect car for you. THIS is the place you will come back to every time you decide to purchase a new car, and THIS is the place you will tell all your friends to come as well!

What do either of those things have to do with photography you ask? You might have already figured it out, but if not the answer is service. Excellent customer service is the number one motivation behind my dedication to always offer a Full Service Experience.

Before when all I had was online galleries and mailed out CDs, I never felt like I connected with my clients as well as I could have. I had sessions where there were kids that had never seen me before so they were shy in front of the camera, or acted out because I was someone new. This frustrates the parents because they are expecting their normally well behaved children to sit still and smile. Some clients I never even talked to in person after sending their gallery information; it was all email communication. They would send in their file selection and I would mail out a CD a few days later. Some never even let me know they had received their CDs! So here I am, wondering if the CD made it or if it got lost in the mail; did they print their images, or were they still on the CD sitting in a desk drawer, never opened.

Switching to a full service model allows me to get to know you before your session so that once the session date arrives, everyone feels more comfortable with each other allowing me to get the most natural, genuine expressions. It also allows for better behind the scenes planning for your session. I know ahead of time exactly what you want out of your session and the style and feel you desire, which in turn makes for better images. I can’t wait to see your reaction when you see your images for the first time because secretly I am hoping that you love them as much as I do! I am excited to find out which ones are your favorites and see if they are the same as mine. I go through all of your images with you at your reveal, and help you decide where each image might look the best in your home. All of that I would miss if I just handed over a CD….

I want to be that restaurant that you recommend. I want to be that dealership that you choose. I want to be the photographer who provides you with such excellent customer service, from our initial contact to when I hand deliver your new family heirlooms, that the gorgeous images you receive of your family become just an added bonus! 

Contact me today to start planning your totally customized session so that you too can have the gorgeous images of your family that you deserve!