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Newborn Session Tips & Tricks | Savannah Newborn Photographer

December 28, 2015  •  4 Comments

Newborn sessions are one of my favorite types to do! Mostly because of their new baby smell, but also because of how tiny and squishy they are! There is just something about a new human being that I will always be in awe over! 

Not to mention their tiny smiles as they sleep... or their big huge yawns that make you think they haven't slept in ages! And I just love the way you can move them in to any post you want once they are in their "milk drunk coma".

I have definitely done my fair share of newborn sessions, and have picked up some super helpful tips and tricks along the way! These tips for the new parents are what help me to achieve these super cute sleepy poses we all love so much! So here is my list of the best newborn session tips!


  • Try to keep baby up for as long as possible while you are at home before your session, shooting for at least 2 hours. The longer baby is awake, the better baby will sleep while here. It might also help to give a bath right before you come to help soothe.
  • Loosen baby's diaper before you come so that the lines usually created by the diaper have time to disappear. 


  • You will feed baby once you arrive for your session, but after you take all of baby's clothes off. This is to ensure we get baby undressed and ready to go before he/she is in that deep milk drunk sleep.
  • If baby takes a pacifier, please bring several to ensure I have one readily available at any time. If baby does not take a pacifier, no worries! We will find other ways to soothe!
  • Make sure you as relaxed as baby will sense your anxiety, which makes it tough to settle which we need for all those cute poses. If baby is restless and unwilling to settle, I may ask you to leave the room as sometimes just the smell of you can cause unrest. Please do not be offended by this! I just want your session to go as smoothly as possible to get the best images of baby I can!
  • Patience is KEY! Newborn sessions last on average 3-4 hours to allow time for posing, soothing, eating, prop changes, more eating, and even more soothing. I will try everything in my power to get baby to sleep, however if that doesn't happen, please don't worry! Wide-eyed baby images are just as beautiful!
  • Please do not stress or apologize if baby poops or pees on anything! It is going to happen. I expect it to happen. Don't stress about it!
  • If you have siblings you would like to include, that is perfectly fine! However, it is best to plan to have them leave once their portion of the session is done if at all possible. Little ones get bored easily, which could potentially cause them to act out. This, in turn, will cause you to no longer be relaxed which the baby will sense. 


  • If you plan on any family pictures, wear solid colors that coordinate but not match. Neutral colors work best.
  • It does get hot in the studio to ensure baby is warm enough while naked. Please dress accordingly or bring extra clothes for when you are not being photographed. 

While newborn photography is incredibly challenging, it is also very amazing to be able to capture a human being at the tiniest they will ever be! I hope these tips will help you get the most out of your newborn session because as we all know, they don't stay that small for long......


If you have picked up any great tips not listed, feel free to post them in a comment below!!


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So precous!
Great tips. So helpful for new parents!
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Such great tips and beautiful photography to go along with it!
Great list of advice
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